Can You Wear Jewelry to the Gym?
March 14, 2024

Can You Wear Jewelry to the Gym?

We all love the idea of putting jewelry on and never having to take it off! But the questions are can you wear jewelry to the gym? Should you be worried about safety? Or what will happen to the jewelry if you choose to wear it while working out?

Of course you can wear whatever you want while working out, but we recommend you read the following to understand what jewelry is best while working out.

Will wearing jewelry while working out damage it?

Possibly. First it is important to know what materials your jewelry is made out of. The cheaper the jewelry the lower quality it is, which means it most likely will scratch and tarnish faster if worn while working out. 

Gold plated, has a very thin layer of gold on the jewelry which increases the chance of the jewelry tarnishing. If you want your gold plated jewelry to last years we recommend taking any pieces off before working out to prolong life. 

Gold filled jewelry has a thicker layer of gold on each piece of jewelry compared to gold plated. If you must wear jewelry while working out, and need an affordable option we recommend wearing gold filled pieces. You can easily wash gold filled jewelry if it becomes dirty. 

Of course, gold jewelry won’t tarnish, but it does come with a higher price tag and we would hate for it to get damaged while working out. There is always the possibility of gold being scratched, bent, or you lose a diamond/gem. 

Sterling silver is a jewelry material that will tarnish over time, but can be cleaned easily. You can always get the sparkle back no matter how sweaty and gross your jewelry may get. Sterling silver is a great option for those who love silver and the gym. Surgical steel is also a great option that won’t tarnish. 

When you work out, your body generates sweat which can get on your jewelry. This moisture can cause the metal in your jewelry to tarnish or corrode. Because we all sweat differently we don’t know how long the metal will last for you. That is why we recommend wearing high quality jewelry if you want to work out in it. 

Is it safe to wear jewelry while working out?

This depends on the type of work out you plan on doing and the type of jewelry. We will go through each piece of jewelry below: 

Rings: We recommend taking off all rings for any workout that includes weight lifting. This will increase the chance of jewelry getting scratched and can be a safety hazard. We would hate for you to have to cut off your ring for any possible reason. Ring can be fine for cardio as long as your fingers don’t swell too much. 

Necklaces: Make sure the length of your necklace is appropriate. You don’t want it too long that it could get hooked on gym equipment and break. Or worse get you stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in. We recommend necklaces that are 16 inches or shorter. We also recommend avoiding necklaces with charms. These could potentially hit you in the face or break if they hit equipment. 

Our Halle Rope Chain necklace is a great option to wear when going from the gym to work.  Plus it is gold filled and will last years and years. 

Bracelets: Lightweight and chain bracelets are best to work out in. You’ll want to avoid anything chunky or charm bracelets. You don’t want your bracelets to get stuck anywhere or break. I’ve been wearing our Nichole Double Chain Bracelet for over a year and barely notice it (plus it is still shiny).

Earrings: We recommend wearing lightweight smaller earrings. We like to lean towards huggie hoops or stud earrings. And avoid large statement earrings, especially when doing cardio or fast movements.

If you really want to wear jewelry to the gym we recommend wearing minimal jewelry. Save the gemstones, solid gold, and chunky jewelry for when you are out on the town. And don’t forget to wipe down your jewelry and clean it every so often.